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the economy suffered very

Le 28 March 2015, 07:05 dans Humeurs 0

 News reporters Zai Guang and Yun Tan outside tnike air max 2014 womens  he police station and saw Miss Zhong Li Xu. Ms. Chung after huge losses on their own to participate in pyramid schemes, the economy suffered very sorry, "money chasing not come back, but also by their families despise."Li Xu collected from MLM materials, the China Daily reporter found that these MLM participants are from outside of Shaanxi.China Daily reporter from 7 pm Public Security Bureau was informed Ba, currently four main leaders have been transferred to industry and commerce departments.Li Xu told China Daily reporter, when four MLM leaders from seven o'clock in the evening to leave the business sector, they report again, now that four leaders MLM organization has been the Public Security Bureau Branch Xin Ba back to the police station in the temple investigation. If can not remember your password, a password and do not write or save anything that might allow others to see or get a place, but do not write on the back of the bank

 card. Yesterday, Zengcheng police informed that, recently, Zengcheng four stolen sanitation workers dormitory, one thing the main cause of the bank card password written on a piece of paper and put together with a bank card was stolen stolen credit card cash within 37,000 yuan.February 19, New Year's Day. 18 am that day, police received a report of Zengcheng, located in New Town Avenue Shinsa four sanitation workers dormitory was the way to breaking burglary, theft of four victims a total of about 17,300 yuan in cash, a cell phone, bank ID cards and a number of other items, in which a victim because the bank card password written on  nike air max thea womens  a piece of paper and put together with a bank card is stolen credit card stolen in the 37,000 yuan in cash.Police retrieved surveillance video found bank teller, 16:10, a man wearing a mask on the ATM stole 20,000 yuan bank card. Then the police task force found that the bank card at 16:42, at the town hall in Dongguan City shops being repeatedly to buy clothes, gold jewelry, mobile phones and other means of fraudulent and 17,000 yuan. Just half an hour's time, the suspect would steal credit card stolen in

different locations within the money.March 11 21 am, when the suspects stealing a motorcycle, police immediately implement the arrest, arrested Zhang × (male, 25 years old, Hunan Chenzhou City People), Lu  strong (male, 45 years old, Guangdong Province by the city people) two suspects, and seized the crime with a small van and a motorcycle stolen each one.Under questioning, the suspect Zhanike air max 2015 womens  ng strong account of the two partners, the use of other means to pry the door, in the new Town of Dun, Nai purple etc. burglary property, several cases of crime. Currently, the two suspects had been under criminal detention, the case is still under review. Since last year, China's property market downturn, decline in trading volume, inventory increase, the government and therefore continuing to adopt stabilizing measures. March 27, the Department of Homeland, the Department of Housing and Urban jointly issued a notice, stressed the need for limited, reasonable arrangements for the supply of land for housing and its size; to optimize the supply of housing condominiums, promote structural adjustment of land; increase affordable housing

who lives in Guangzhou

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 she reported to the police with the help of anti-MLM Association, will take away the dens.A friend invited her to Xi'an "business" when the "director" will be able to earn moneyMs. Chung, 49, who lives in Guangzhou, had to do housekeeping and Yuesao work in Guangzhou. Before the Spring Festival, a friend a  nike air max thea saledvised her to start Xi'an, Xi'an side and told her to have a "chain management" of the project, can earn more than $ 20,000 per month.Friends, then let Ms. Chung is very seductive, she arrived by train from Guangzhou to Xi'an."The car to someone I received chanba peninsula." Ms. Chung said that someone had been in here for everyone to lecture, "My friend, who also lectures. She told me, just pay a certain amount of money, and further development 21 off the assembly line, I can when the director, you can sit and collect the money. "Ms. Chung said. "I want to do is start from the highest point." So in a friend's "help," Ms. Chung February 10 to her on-line by bank transfer 69,500 yuan, successfully became a "director", in which 6 thousand dollars is borrowed from a friend's. Ms. Chung said that when she remittances by mobile phones to take a picture

 as proof. However, all documents remittances are a State Treasurer took the surname.Family hates: "engage in pyramid schemes do not go home," Anti-four hours a successful MLM   nike air max 2014 uk organization "instigation"Ms. Chung returned to Guangzhou before the Spring Festival, the family said after the Xi'an her "business" case, also recommended the project to the family. Learn more about the family after she had been cheated out that MLM."I was convinced this project can make money, be friends said I was engaged in direct sales. My daughter would say, 'If you go in MLM, you never go home' ......" Ms. Bell said.Ms. Chung's daughter through the network to find a professional anti-MLM organizations, inviting staff of this institution to persuade Miss Zhong home.China Chinese Commercial News reporters Zuo Rishang and Wu Xiandao the person in charge of civil anti-China Association MLM Li Xu. Li Xu said that the staff of Ms. Chung has been anti-MLM brainwashing propaganda, "is to give her afterwards, about what she called the chain is just a penny game, to give her last penny to calculate the results, the biggest beneficiaries are Those top-level

leaders, as the assembly line, pay the money will be divided these leaders do eat dry. "" We told her there is no such entity involved in the project, there is no specific products 'entrepreneurship', in fact, a lie. "Next up to four hours after persuasion, Ms. Chung finally understand that they are the victims."I'm in Xi'an, we found there are a lot of Guangdong fellow, I would hope that the anti-MLM organizations can also save these villagers come back, do not let more people be deceived." Ms. Chung said she wanted to return to Xi'an agnike air max 95 mensain, and Li Xu them together to save the dens where fooled.And anti-MLM agencies to report police take away densMarch 22, Ms. Chung arrived in Xi'an, began to collect evidence related to MLM. When she learned that the evening of March 26 will be the leader in terms of four hours, put that information to use SMS to pass Li Xu, and explain dens specific cell location. After the afternoon, Li Xu from Beijing to Xi'an, once again confirmed the position of Ms. Chung, call 110.With the assistance of Li Xu and his colleagues, the public security bureau Chanba Guangyuntan police station within Chanba Peninsula Building an A4 area 11 houses, the ongoing teaching of four leaders and other participants in the review back to the police station.Yesterday morning, China Chinese Commercial

decisions to protect the

Le 28 March 2015, 07:01 dans Humeurs 0

 "by the brain," so that the military and technical experts took decisions to protect the background from the foreground, is the headquarters of the Central Military Commission on the implementation of decentralization military construction, speed up the approval, emphasis on the integration of quality and depth of nike air huarache cheap the development of military and civilian instructions requirements, in the army barracks infrastructure systems to explore the establishment of a specific major project initiatives of third-party decision-making advisory system, the construction of the army far-reaching innovation and development. German "Bild" reported on the 27th, German Wings airline co-pilot suspected of deliberately crash six years ago, Andreas Lu Bici feel severely depressed and therefore a doctor.More than German prosecutors said police found in a search of the residence Lu Bici more than sick leave, leave the doctor suggested dates include 4U9525 flight crashed the same day, the prosecution judge, this co-pilot to conceal the disease.With the wing of the plane crash was traced to German co-pilot flying alone, lock the captain in the cockpit, the global number

 of air carriers on the 26th anxious to push reform measures, the provisions must keep two in the cockpit.If one of the pilots need the toilet, by a flight attendant entered the cockpit instead of temporary, short, never allow a single person's situation appears.German Wings flight 4U9525 "black box" recordings showed that before the crash, Lu Bici closed cockpit door, lock the captain in the cockpit, the pilot flying alone down suspected "deliberate" crash.Lufthansa CEO of the parent company in Germany Wings  said 28-year-old began accepting  2008 Lufthansa pilot training training center, 2009 was a brief interruption of training, and then continue to receive training in 2012 "graduation."Media reporter asked  brief interruption reason of training, Spohr did not answer. "Bild" quoted the G nike air huarache womenserman aviation authorities (LBA) reported that a number of documents, Lu Bici 2009 had "severe depression" to seek the help of psychiatrists, and after continued medical treatment.Reports said was "depression and anxiety," Lu Bici stop training period, and accept the "conventional private treatment." Lufthansa civil aviation sector had reported the news.Spohr said Lu Bici restart after training, the performance of normal, "there has been no criticism, no abnormal behavior." After completion of the training in

2012, Lu Bici passed a series of psychological assessment and testing, in September 2013 was officially hired."Bild" reported  Wings archives in Germany is scheduled to accept more than 27 experts in Germany checks will then be handed over to the French side.German police raided 26 in the western city of Duesseldorf Lu Bici accommodation and is located in the town of Montabaur parents' house, hoping to find some evidence of behavior can explain Lu Bici.Police spokesman  27, said investigators seized "some items and paper" in  apartment is located in Dusseldorf, "each item are examined, we want to see these things can explain what nike air max 1 menshas happened. "German prosecutors spokesman Ralph Herron Bruckner said in a statement that police found some sick leave and medical records during a search two houses being torn from more than sick leave, the doctor advised rest Date that contains the 24th day of the crash. Herron Bruckner said: "we concluded that he (Lu Bici) to the company and colleagues to conceal the truth."He did not disclose what Lu Bici suffering illness, saying only that the medical records showed Lu Bici "sick and receive appropriate treatment."Herron Bruckner said police did not find a will, there is no evidence of any political or religious motives prompting Lu Bici "deliberate

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